768K Day – Internet Doomsday? Is it real?

There is an ominous rumbling in the internet about 768K day, some even termed it internet doomsday others called it “Y2K” of internet. The fear is justified given the experience of wide spread internet outage during 512K day when internet… Continue Reading

Network Virtualization 101: SDN APIs and Protocols

This article is part of my SDN/network virtualization series “Network Virtualization 101”. To view other articles in this series and/or learn more about SDN and network virtualization, please visithttps://www.linkedin.com/today/author/0_1J4WrxUu5ZhIszQwsUUcg_?trk=prof-sm or http://www.dhimanchowdhury.blogspot.com . From the simplistic purview, SDN (Software Defined Networking) provides the means… Continue Reading